Breaktime Personal 2

Breaktime Personal 2: Breaktime encourages regular breaks assisting in RSI prevention.Free application breaktime you can also proove that you have tried to enforce the employee to take regular breaks from their workstation, through the logfiles produced by Breaktime. Building on the success of Breaktime v1Breaktime v1 was a freeware application. Within 18 months a user base of over 23,000 users worldwide was established. Due to its popularity it became clear that clients were using the software in different ways. Breaktime was rewritten in .Net based

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Breaktime V1.00

With current Health and Safety Legislation risk assessment must be undertaken. One of these areas will be the use of keyboards as there is a risk of suffering from repetitive strain injury (RSI). Breaktime assists by suggesting regual breaks. BreakTime is an application that once run will inform the user when this scheduled break should take place. BreakTime is a small application which once running minimises and sits in the system tray.

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